L’Entreprise Mazzola

L’Entreprise Mazzola is a family owned business which has been in operation since 1993. We provide healthy meals to children at schools in the greater National Capital region.

Over 35 trained employees prepare our lunches strictly following the regulations established by the Ministries of Health and of Education.

The meals are delivered to the children the same day they are prepared.

Due to the allergies some children experience, we only use products that are nut free. Furthermore, no nuts are allowed in our facilities. The content of salt and sugar is reduced to a minimum in our meals, and no preservatives are added.

The meals arrive at schools in insulated boxes, which keep the contents hot. Each child receives his or her lunch in a paper bag at lunchtime. Our employees do not leave the school until they are certain that each student who ordered a meal received one.

The preparation and distribution of the meals, as well as all the administration involved is carried out entirely by L’Entreprise Mazzola.

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